Providian Credit Cards: For A Thoroughly Rewarding Experience!

Providian started off in the market years ago and enjoyed a period of well deserved fame and appreciation. Unfortunately though, that period seemed pass soon and they hit troubled waters. This is when Providian, which was by then a leading provider of credit cards, was taken over by banking giant, Washington Mutual, in the year 2005 and since then, there has been no turning back.

Right from the time Providian was taken over by this banking giant, things began to look up. Today, Washington Mutual provides Providian cards to millions of people in various parts of the United States of America. These cards are now a favorite amongst its users because these cards can be customized to suit the needs of the applicant. Not many credit card companies can boast of this feature. Thanks to this feature, they have been able to keep their defaulters list to a minimum.

Based on the needs and qualifying criteria, there are four main types of Providian Credit cards that are provided to customers.

Providian Visa Platinum Card

This is the most prestigious card offered by Providian. Very few customers qualify for the platinum card. Customers who hold this card are allowed total access to their FICO scores. A lot of stores and restaurants offer higher discounts to people who use the Providian Visa Platinum Card. Some outlets even offer coupons that can be claimed on future visits. The credit scores of the card holders are checked at periodic intervals to see if they qualify for higher credit. Customers with a good credit score qualify for an instant increase on their credit.

Providian Premium Points

The first type of Providian premium points account. The cardholder who holds this account will earn one point for every dollar spent on the card. The person can accumulate as many points on his/her credit card and finally decide on how they would like to reimburse their points. They can choose from a list of merchandize, gift cards and many more.

Providian Cash Rebates

If you do not believe in the point system and would rather prefer rebates on the cash you spend using the card, then, the Providian cash rebates is for you. Every purchase you make using the credit card will entail you for cash back offers and rewards.

Providian Real Rewards

The Providian Real Rewards offers innumerable rewards for customers who use their credit cards well. Those who make payments on time and use the card liberally for all their purchases qualify for these rewards. There is an interesting and unique feature associated with this card. You can use the reward points that you have amassed to bring down the interest rate on your card! You can also redeem these reward points to purchase air tickets at discounted prices and avail higher discounts at restaurants.

Irrespective of the Providian credit card you opt for, you stand to gain. There are a lot of interesting features in each of the cards that will work to your advantage. Their varied payment options ensure you don’t skip any payment. With all this and more, it is no wonder the Providian credit cards are highly preferred.

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