Three Steps to Find the Best Home Loan

First step: evaluate your budget
We always recommend you start by assessing your budget. If you want a loan, your monthly payment can not exceed 33% of your monthly income. So if you receive 3 000 Euros per month, you can not pay more than 1 000 Euros per month for your loan.

Good to know: The more you borrow on a long duration, the more you can borrow. Today many banks lend on 20, 22, and 25 years or more. You can obviously sell before the end of your loan. With the money recovered from the sale, you will repay the balance of credit. Banks propose to carry out automatically all loan simulations you want (by varying the rate, duration, etc.)… You see how the duration or rate of credit (even with minor differences) can change your purchasing opportunities.

You can buy without having a contribution, in this case the bank will lend you the amount of purchase and the notary fees. But you must try to have a contribution for your loan because this can help you negotiate your credit better.

Second step: consider all possibilities

Once you have calculated your maximum budget, look at all properties that match that price in the area where you want to live or elsewhere. People often start their search and hope to find something in a specific sector. Then they realize that it is too expensive and that for the same price, they may acquire greater or a more pleasant environment almost nears this location.

Be careful to check the distance, cost and frequency of transport and proximity to shops, schools and so on.

Third step: get your future housing

Use newspaper

Even in the Internet, many people find newspapers useful. You can browse restaurant, transport and wherever it has. You can also quickly compare all the ads in different cities and make annotations.

The best way and place: The Web

On the internet, you have access to all assets of individuals who are really on sale (not stagnant listings on the site for months, or double/triple ads). New ads are online every minute from Monday to Sunday from 24/24h. Each has a descriptive text abbreviation with the owner’s contact information (phone or e-mail), and possibly photos or plan housing and / or a link to a personal site that gives more information. Some of This service is completely free.

Many sales are made quickly, so if you are interested, do not delay in calling the owner and decide on a visit.

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